Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Edit for Capitalization Video

At the beginning of the year, my students start their editing checklist with capitalization rules. We spend a few days looking at writers and noticing when they capitalize. The students start to generate rules about capitalization. After this, they start to edit their own writing for capitalization. In the beginning, this is the only thing I edit in student writing. I do not comment or mark any other errors.

I do pay attention to who understands these rules and is ready for more complex structures. I also notice which students still need additional support.

Another thing that I do during editing, is I let the student do the thinking work. After they have turned in their second draft, I go through and write a letter "T" for capitalization in each line that has an error. (I use the T for capitalization, because later on they will use the C for commas.) Depending on the student, I might just mark a paragraph. I don't want their piece to be covered in red.

The student then has to do the cognitive work of finding the error and correcting it. When they think their piece is ready, they raise their hand I can quickly tell if they are ready for their final draft. I noticed that my students stopped making the same errors over and over once I switched to this technique.

Here is the video of the rules and an example of editing for capitalization.

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