Thursday, May 19, 2011

My 7 Favorite Things

Katie at Persnickety Pickles is having people share 7 favorite NON-Teaching related things.  What are you favorite non-teacher related things?

1. My family. I have a new daughter Rosa, who is just 8 weeks and 1 day old, as well as two other children. I love hanging out with them and enjoying the spring.

2. Gardening. The flowers are just starting to bloom this year and our blueberry bushes are going to be full this year!

3. My mom. I think I've learned so much about being a kind, caring person who is always learning new things from her. I love how she gets really into new ideas and is always willing to try something out.

4. Massages. Well, what is there not to love about massages. Every few months I try to treat myself to a massage to help stay relaxed and to enjoy myself.

5. Whipped cream. I put whipped cream on the homemade waffles that we make every Saturday morning. And on jello. And on pudding. I even eat it straight out of the can and just spray it onto a spoon. Yum!

6. The Biggest Loser. I admit it, on Tuesday nights we watch this reality show without fail. It is a fun motivational show. And, yes, we normally eat dessert while watching the show!

7. Books. I just love reading books. It doesn't matter if they are non-fiction, fiction, YA or what. I love books. I just finished reading Carrots and Sticks, Volumetrics and Who - all non-fiction. I also have recently finished the trilogy of The Hunger Games. What an amazing read!

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