Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Strong Finish, Part III

Learn To the Last Minute!

Even though the school year is almost over, there is still time to have fun while learning. Here are some ideas on how to keep students engaged and learning in the last weeks of school.

  1. End of the Year Jeopardy -- To help students review what they have learned, have them create an end of the year Jeopardy game. You can either divide the class into groups and assign them subjects. On the other hand, you could choose one subject, and then assign units. Each group is responsible for coming up with questions and answers for each of the different categories. They will enjoy making up the questions. Remind students to not make them so easy that other teams get all the points, but not so hard that they can't earn the point for their own team! Have fun, while reviewing important material.
  2. Super Subject Time -- Instead of keeping your regular routine, have a full day for a single subject. For reading, students could dress up as a favorite character, do buddy reading with a younger or older class, do a read-a-thon to raise money for a charity or a special literature project. For writing, students could write their own children's alphabet book about a subject you studied this year, illustrate it and share it with another class. You could also have a science day, art day, math day etc.
  3. Summer Reading Preview -- For the last week of school, you can do a twist on the traditional book report. Have each students bring in a favorite book that they have enjoyed during the year. Then, have the students give a preview of the book to encourage other students to read over the summer. You could even do a book exchange after the last preview, for some extra fun.    

What are your favorite activities to keep students learning and engaged up to the very last day?

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