Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Strong Finish

The weather is getting warmer. (Hopefully) The flowers are blooming. State testing is almost finished. The year is drawing to a close.

How do you stay motivated and have a strong close to the school year. You don't slow down at the end of a race, that is when you pick up speed and give it everything you've got. The same should be true of your school year.

Here are some ideas to help your students stay motivated and finish strong.

Have the students teach something:
Students love the opportunity to teach. Have them make a lesson plan or teach something that they are an expert at. Have them create an objective, a hands-on activity and a way to assess if students learned the lesson. At the end you can reflect with the student about what they learned about teaching. You might even learn something too!

Work on a project:
Hands on learning is wonderful at this time of the year. Last year my students and I did a unit on solar power for the last month of school. We learned all about electricity and our natural resources. At the end of the unit we build our own solar oven, after watching videos demonstrating how to do this on youtube, and cooked our own nachos.

Take students outdoors:
Why not do your reading out doors? The students will go wild? Not if you have them come up with the expectations before hand. Make sure that they model the correct way to read outside. Have your most rambunctious students model the incorrect way, and then have those same students model the correct way. They can get positive attention for clowning around. Then . . . They will show everyone in the class that they can do it the right way.

Stay tuned to learn about how to stay motivated yourself!

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