Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free, Amazing Pre-K - 2nd grade Math Program

There is a brand new math program, funnix, that is just amazing (and free for anyone who downloads it before June 26th). It goes from Pre-K through the end of first or second grade. Each lesson takes 20 minutes tops and the program was created by the top performing method used in Project Follow Through. On top of that, it's aligned to the new common core math standards that most states are in the process of adopting.

If you are curious about the research, here is a link to a summary of Project Follow Through. If you have never heard of this study, you should. It is the single most expensive study the US government has ever done of education. (The study cost over $1 billion and included 20,000 children and followed them from pre-K through adulthood.)

Do you want to buy other programs for older kids?
I actually have a bunch of different DI programs that I am currently selling on ebay. Most of the programs can not normally be bought by parents (except through ebay) and are very expensive. I'm starting the bidding at $10 for almost all of the programs.

Here are the ones I'm selling till around June 15th:

My review and details of the free Funnix Program 
The program runs on a PC or a Mac and is really easy to use. The computer does the majority of the teaching and it is simple enough that an older student, an aide or a parent volunteer could use the program with a group of students. The program even lets you know when to give individual turns to each child.

I tried it out today with my 4 and a half year old son. My daughter was watching along, and she wanted to join in. (She is turning 3 the end of this month.) They both were able to do the first lesson and begged to do another lesson. It lasted about 20 minutes total.

The program comes with a workbook, which you can buy for $10, or download for free and make your own copies of. I looked through the workbook, and it goes from basic counting skills all the way up to drawing improper fractions!

Check out the program - and let the parents of your students know about it too if you teach young children!

Here is a picture of my children!
Mateo (4 1/2 years) Natalia (almost 3) and Rosa (8 weeks)


  1. Thanks for leaving me a link to your review. I think my daughter is really going to like it. Your children are adorable!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Stop back anytime to find great Bargains!