Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Speech Planner and Technology to Spice Up Speeches

At the end of the year, I plan expert speeches with my students. This is the last speech they give of the year and is a chance for them to share with other students about a passion. Students all love these expert speeches. We space out 2-3 speeches each day for the last few weeks of school and give plenty of time for Q and A!

Here is the Expert Speech Planner I use with my students. You could copy and modify it for your use in your own classroom.


Introduction: How will you get everyone interested in your topic? What will you say to capture people's attention? Remember you can paint a scene with your words, start with action or ask a question.

Three Important Details of Facts:
  1. Idea:
  2. Idea:
  3. Idea:

What object(s) will you show us to make your speech more interesting?

What will you say about your object. (Make sure your statement is thoughtful. Do you think "I brought this to show you because I like it is thoughtful?)

I brought this to show you because ___________________________________________.

Tell the class how they could learn more if they are now really interested in your topic.
You can learn more about ______ by _____________________________________________.

How will you end your speech with a conclusion that is as interesting as your introduction? Remember, you could paint a scene from the future, describe something related to your topic or ask a question. You may also have a different idea for your conclusion.

Produce the Speeches
I just read a wonderful idea from another blog on how to use technology to make speeches come to light. You should check out the article. Here it is: 

The article explains how to use green screens and technology to help your students record their own speeches like they are movies. I can't wait to use this with my own class next year!

More Sentence Frame Guides
While I would say that this speech guide only loosely uses sentence frames, I have a few other posts that use them more extensively. Here are some other posts you might be interested in:

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