Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest blogger: Slow summer

It's crazy how early one can start to feel competitive with other parents or families, because so and so is already a soccer whiz or someone else is already a junior black belt or whatever.  Even before we had kids, we didn't want to over-schedule them, but we didn't realize how difficult a line that would be to walk.

We've arrived at having them take one class at a time and having the rest of their activities be with us or playdates with their little friends.  But, especially in the summer, it's hard to know when to sign up for stuff and when to hold off.

There are about a million camps and classes and experiences that they could have, and that many of their friends are having, and part of me thinks that maybe we should enroll them in a bunch of camps and classes and whatever else....but a larger part of me craves just slowing down this summer.

I won't lie - Mateo is taking a little gymnastics class this coming week, is enrolled in a weeklong morning nature camp in August, and both kids are taking three days of morning summer camp at their preschool right before school starts - but other than those things and our upcoming family reunion, we are wide open to whatever comes our way.

It is lovely to just have a summer and no plans to speak of except for travel.  We can wake up in the morning and do whatever we decide to do.  The type-A part of me is a bit freaked out by so much unplanned time and what will we do with it all, but the rest of me is reveling in it.  These days are a rare and special time, while Rosa is still a baby and Sacha has yet to return to work. We are so lucky to be in the middle of five months of Sacha being at home and being a family of five together. 

We'll be busy again soon enough, with everyone running around and doing this and that, but not quite yet.   For now, we are busy with things like picking berries in our neighborhood, making marble mazes, playing outside when the sun actually comes out, making impromptu trips to our local cupcake and ice cream stores (yes, we have both within walking distance, plus a frozen yogurt place and about a zillion restaurants.  It's an embarassment of riches!), going to the farmer's market, checking out a new church, and spending time as a family.  (And agonizing over the short sale from hell, but that's another story.)

And, sometimes, being bored.  After all, what's summer without a little boredom and not knowing what to do with yourself?  Sacha told me that it actually has been shown to increase creativity or something like that.  See, a scientific basis for our low-key summer days!  I say, bring on the open calendar and I'm sure we'll have fun with whatever we end up doing with it.

Guest Blogger: Alayna Luria

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