Saturday, July 23, 2011

Imagine this . . .

Imagine this . . . you finish teaching your day at school. The students have left. You've talked with some colleagues, spend some time planning. You're about to leave school at the time your contract says you should leave school, when you go over to the copy machine. (What? The copy machine? I'll explain. . .)

Before you stop and think that this is a crazy tale of what could happen in the future, it is not

This blog post describes things I do in real life.

Here we are back at the copy machine. You have a bunch of papers. Here is your thought process:

  • Ok, these are the papers I need graded for tomorrow. You make a note on the top of the papers and include the scoring guide. "Please grade these by tomorrow at 8 am."
  • This is a letter I need typed up. I need it by this Friday. You write that on a page that has an outline.
  • Here are some vocabulary words my students are going to be learning in the next unit. You write a note on that paper, "Would you find an image for each of these words and then make a visual dictionary that has the image, a sentence, the definition and the word. I need that by next Monday please."

You feed all of the papers in the top of the copy machine. You scan and email them to your virtual assistant in another country. She is an education major in her country. While you go home and you sleep, it is her day. She is working on your assignments. They will be ready when you arrive at school tomorrow.

You are actually helping her out. She is a small business owner. Because of the exchange rate, and the economy, you are able to pay her $3 an hour. She sets the price. (Some people charge less, some people a bit more . . .)

You go home early and have lots of energy to hang out with your family. You spend your working time making more engaging lesson plans, really analyzing student papers to improve your teaching, and taking classes after school (which the district pays for . . . and now that you've freed up 5 hours a week, you have time to take). You are less stressed, and are a better teacher at the same time.

Here is an example of some science vocabulary words I wanted her to create visuals for. I used academic language words, because we know that makes such a big difference in long term achievement for ELL students.

You actually earn more money, while being less stressed!

How can that be?

Virtual assistant - 5 hours of grading a week (@$3 and hour) x 4 weeks a month = $60 a month

Additional Classes - 1 day a month, you attend some extra PD offered by your school district for a few hours. You need 2 hours to break even - but you are saving 20 hours! (2 hr @ $30 an hour x 1 time per month = $60)

It is time you started working smarter, not harder!

Would you like more details on how to set up your own Virtual Assistant? I am happy to share the details to anyone who is interested in learning more. Please give me your email and I will send you some more information about having your own personal assistant.

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