Saturday, August 6, 2011

Video: Beginning of the year routines

Now that it is August, I am starting to think about the beginning of the year. In the past I have created a power point presentation of some of my routines, but this year I am actually video taping some of those power points. This way, some of my students can see the presentations before school starts.

This is the first video that I've created. You probably won't be able to use the actual video, but I am happy to share the power point so you could modify it. Just email me at if you would like to receive the power points for this presentation.

 Why create a video?
  • Students who have access can watch before school starts
  • Students who watch before school starts get a feel for my routines (Even just having four or five students who know my routines can make a big difference.)
  • When a get a new student in the middle of the year, they can also watch the video
  • Parents get a clear understanding of my expectations
  • Parents who are not strong readers still have access to some of the routines
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