Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Helping parents help their children

Feel free to copy and use this with the parents of your students if it would be helpful.

Often parents ask for help with their children. What do I do if my child won't do his chores around the house or his homework? Do you suggest grounding children? How do I get my child to stop arguing with me? Here are three short videos (each under 5 minutes) that address these issues in a practical way by Dr. Charles Fey. I've included a bio about him at the end of this page.


Click here to see the video on how to get your child to do his or her chores. Did you know that research has shown the real chores does more to build self-esteem and responsibility than HW? Now is a great time to make sure your children have some real chores around the house.

This video will help you have some ideas on how to get your children to actually do those chores, without any nagging from you!

How to stop whining and arguing

I am sorry to say that all of us have dealt with our children whining or begging for something. "But all of my friends have . . ." Ever wonder how to get the begging and whining to stop? Click here to see a 2 minute web clip that will teach you just that.

The nice thing about this technique is that it works just as well on a two year old as on a ten year old.

Does grounding work? What actually works?

All too often I hear parents say, "You are grounded for a week."

What do you do if the child does another thing? Ground them for two weeks? Three weeks? As a consequence, I think it punishes you as much as the child and is not very flexible. If it works, great. But there are more effective alternatives you might want to consider.

If you want an alternative to grounding, you might like the energy drain technique. Take a look at the technique by clicking here.

Dr. Charles Fey
Charles Fay, Ph.D. is a parent, author and consultant to schools, parent groups and mental health professionals around the world. His expertise in developing and teaching practical discipline strategies has been refined through work with severely disturbed youth in school, hospital and community settings. Charles has developed an acute understanding of the most challenging students. Having grown up with Love and Logic, he also provides a unique…and often humorous…perspective." Read more. . .

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