Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite Valentine's Day activity

Prior to Valentine's Day, I spend some time as a class figuring out how much money we potentially could spend on cards.

  • 25 students
  • Each student has 2-5 siblings (average 3, one student is an only child)
  • Cost of valentines box ($3 - average)
  • 25 * 3 * 3 = $225 
After discussing that this amount of money is a bit excessive, and doesn't include any candy, I share with them how we do Valentines day in my classroom.

Each student receives a piece of paper with 6 large hearts per page. There is the name of one student written on each heart.  I then copy them and make a packet for each child. Their assignment is to write a thoughtful compliment to each and every student in the class. They also need to decorate each of the hearts in a thoughtful way. We spend some time giving examples and working on them in class, but the rest is the homework for the week. (And some do need the entire week to come up with a thought for every single student.)

On Valentine's Day their entry ticket to our party, is the completed packet. They have to have one completed heart for each student. (They cut up the hearts at the party, so it is easy to see who did the work.) These cards end up being so more thoughtful than anything you could buy at a store and make for a real warm festival of friendship.

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