Saturday, February 25, 2012

Publishing student work the fast way

This year, I have been using a remote typist to publish my student writing. Because my students are so slow at typing, and are so far being in reading and math, I really can't justify the time it takes them to type up their writing. On the other hand, I do want them to have some nice typed up writing pieces.

Internet to the rescue!

I can now take the pieces and scan them using my school computer. The scanned pieces are emailed to me as a PDF.  I email them to a remote assistant. Time taken on my part - 5 minutes! Using google docs, the assistant types up the writing and sends emails me back.

Does this cost me money? Yes! It costs me less than a grande mocha. Considering I have 3 children at home, I think this is more than worth the money. You could also use and get them typed up for free with an internet volunteer.

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