Friday, February 24, 2012

Super Improvers Wall

I started using a Super Star Improver wall in my classroom this month. I got this idea from a free webinar on the Whole Brain Teaching website. The whole idea of the wall is to celebrate and reward improvement!

 Now, as students make improvements (in anything) they can get a star. The students can get stars for improving in behavior, test scores, kindness, behavior with a substitute teacher etc. They love to get stars. This week some students received stars for the following:
  • Improving scores on a vocabulary quiz
  • Doing extra credit during reading time
  • Participating with gestures during mirror
  • Tutoring another student on some tricky math problems
  • Working well with their partners
  • Turning in HW (a child who frequently forgets)
  • Improving scores on Super Speed Math

Every time they get 10 stars, they move up a level. We have a celebration after lunchtime when students are going to move up a level. Another time I'll share the different chants we use in the classroom. When a student has ten stars, a student helper moves their card so it is vertical. That lets me know that the child is ready to move up a level.

The students really like to take home the index cards with all of their stars. I then make a big deal of letting them choose the color their name will be written on for the next level.

We have a solar system theme going on. I find some decal stickers of the solar system, which I put up around the wall. They start at the sun and move out towards Saturn.

Here is a picture of the wall!

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