Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Preparing for state test - Week 2

Here is my second week blurb for the families on preparing for testing. Again, feel free to copy anything that you might find helpful.

Preparing Skills for Testing

  • Make sure your child has learned the math vocabulary for next week. Almost all of those words will be included in the test.
  • Talk with your child about going through the test slowly. This is not a race. Double check answers.
  • For MATH: Have your child talk with you about the 6 types of word problems
    • combining (+)
    • comparing (-)
    • you know the whole and are missing a part (-)
    • counting equal groups (x)
    • making smaller groups (/)
    • complex (read one phrase at a time and draw each phrase)
  • For READING: Have your child describe the 3 types of reading problems and how to solve each problem:
    • Vocabulary - Reread the sentence 4 times with all of the possible answer choices. Choose the one that makes the most sense.
    • Main Idea - Look back and count how many times each of the options is talked about in the passage.
    • Clue/Fact - Look back and find the words in the passage or things that make

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