Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preparing for state test - Week 3

This week we focus on preparing emotionally for the test. Many students get anxious about tests of all types. These tests are no exception. Here is what I share with parents during this time.

Again, feel free to copy and use any of this material yourself!

Reducing Anxiety
Understandably, some students get anxious when taking the state test. Here are some tips and strategies to help your child feel less anxious and do better with the test.
  • Get plenty of exercise. If your child is feeling anxious, going out and playing basketball, soccer, taking a walk or getting moving will help.
  • Take a calming bath right before bed time. Not too hot, because our bodies decrease in body temperature as we fall asleep.
  • Let your child talk with you about his or her fears for 10 - 15 min. After you finish talking, do something active and stop talking about the fears. You don't want them to grow by giving them tons of attention all day long, but it can help to talk about them for a limited amount of time.
  • Use calming thoughts to decrease worries: Your child can say things like. . .
    • I have two times to take this test.
    • It’s ok if I don’t understand every question. I just need to do the best I can.
    • If I don’t pass the first time, my teacher will help me and my family come up with a plan to learn the material.
    • If I didn’t pass the test last year, my goal is just to improve by 10 points this year. I have been working hard. I can do this as long as I take my time.
    • My family will still love me no matter what.
    • My teacher will be happy with me if I try my hardest. She will help me learn what I need if I need to take the test over.
    • If I follow the test strategies, I will get the best score I can.

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