Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Preparing for state test

I send home weekly notices prior to the state test to help families and students get prepared. Feel free to copy and use anything that you find helpful.

Each week we focus on a different theme around getting prepared.

Week 1:

Here are some recommendations for testing:

  • Please make sure your child gets a full 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night. This is the best amount of sleep for getting good test scores. This could mean going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 7pm or going to bed at 8:30pm and waking up at 6:30pm. (My kids have a 7pm bedtime, but they are a few years younger.)
  • Limit TV. Please make sure that your child is not getting more than 1 hour a day of screen time. This means computers, TV shows and video games. The recommended total is 2 hours a day, but most students do get a full hour of computer time in the classroom most days between reading, vocabulary and math.
  • No caffeine in the afternoon. Students already sometimes feel anxious about the test and having a coke or a drink with caffeine will make it harder for them to sleep on testing nights.

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