Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple change, big increase in HW completion

I normally have students turn in HW when they walk into the classroom. There is a bucket by the door, and students turn their homework into the basket. I would then quickly check over that it was turned in at the back of the room later that day.

This year, though, I was having a lot of students forgetting their work.

I tried a Friday Fun Day solution, but it was still the same few students who were forgetting their homework.

Then I thought about making HW collection more visible.

Instead of checking the HW during the course of the day, I check it as soon as the bell rings in the front of the classroom. As I am checking it, I will hold up a folder and say the student name of anyone who has not turned in their work.

Now, the majority of students who did not bring in their homework, (which is down to 1 or 2 per day) tend to come up to me before the bell even rings to let me know there was a problem or why they do not have their work. It takes me a total of 2 minutes to check the HW because students write their number (which is their line in the grade book) next to their name! While I am checking their HW, students are eating their breakfast and silently reading in their seats.

Small change, big results.

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