Sunday, March 25, 2012

Video on reviewing rules - what I do after spring break

Your students had a great spring break. You are back in the classroom. Who remembers the rules?

It is amazing how a week away from school can cause some of your students to go back to ground zero.  Here is what I do after spring break.

We start the day by reviewing the rules. Thanks to Whole Brain Teaching, all of my rules now have hand motions. If I say rule #1, the students say, "Follow directions quickly" and at the same time move a hand forward (sort of like a swimming fish.)

To make the rule review more interesting, we might add funny voices. (Cartoon voices, low pitched, high pitched, talking like a robot etc.) I also switch the order of the rules. I sometimes also have a student come to the front of the room to lead the rule review. You can see some great videos of students reviewing the rules at Here is one that I like from a kindergarten classroom.

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