Saturday, April 7, 2012

Floating and relaxation

Between teaching and being the mom of three young children, I feel like my body and mind are always going. I am thinking about what we are going to do this afternoon, what I will teach my students. I'm running after Rosie who just put a grape in her mouth.

I am "on" when I am teaching, and when I get home from school I am "on" again with the kids. My spouse is amazing about letting me take a nap sometimes, but this is just the nature of life at this stage. And it is wonderful. I wouldn't trade this for anything else.

At the same time, sometimes I need a total rest and break. Sometimes I've gotten massages. I really enjoy going to the chiropractor. Now I have a new favorite activity: Floating. (I went to a place called The Float Shoppe, which I highly recommend if you live near Portland.)

Never heard of it? Well, I hadn't either about 1 month ago. On a date night,my spouse  and I picked up this alternative weekly newspaper and the front article happened to be on this thing called floating. The basic gist is you go into a room that is completely pitch black and get into very salty water which causes you to float. The water is at the same temperature as your skin and the air, so you eventually relax and loose track of where you start and end physically.

What a relaxing, amazing experience. I really can't describe it. Some people say that it has a spiritually component for them. For me, though, I was able to let go of all of the tension I hold in my neck and back and just relax. My mind was busy for the first 60 minutes of my float, and then towards the end, I just was able to breathe, relax and be at peace.

After the float, I felt energized and ready to be with the kids. I was full of ideas for how to connect with more teachers at school, recommitted to eating healthy and physically relaxed. What more could you want?

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