Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get your students reading this summer!

You know that many students loose reading skills over the summer! Of course, the students who have the weakest reading skills tend to be the same students who don't open too many books during the summer. Those are the same students who are the most at risk for falling even further behind.

So, what can you do?

Here are my top 5 suggestions:

1) Have students write down their goals. Have students write down when they are going to read, what books they are going to read, how many books they are going to read and what reward they will give themselves for reading. Have them share this goal with their parents and get it signed.

2) Make reading bookmarks that have information about online reading sites.  You might want to include Tumblebooks or some other free reading program online. Younger students can read with

3) Hold a book exchange. Have students bring in a book that they have loved, but no longer want to read and share it with other students in their classroom. Ideally, have students give a 1-2 minute book talk before exchanging the books.

4) Provide parents with a list of fun, enjoyable books to read out loud. Sometimes parents just need some help finding a good book for their kids to read.

5) Read students a Raphael story about summer reading. Sometimes a story is much more effective than telling students "you should read." Here is one of my Raphael stories: Raphael Stories

What about you?

I encourage you to read stories or books over the story to renew yourself and keep you excited about learning. Here is an online class from HOL on Renewing Yourself and Renewing Your Teaching.

HOL online classes I offer:

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