Monday, May 7, 2012

Home library organized

This weekend the kids and I did a really fun project! We reorganized the library. I decided that it was about time I used the 2 sisters' techniques for organizing the library at my own home!

First we watched some videos online from The Daily Cafe on how to organize a library for children. (If you haven't seen the videos, they are amazing. You do, though, have to pay to be a member. Worth it in my opinion!)

The video got my five year old son Mateo in particular very excited and more than willing to help out! Then, we went to DollarTree and bought tons of bins to organize the books into. Mateo got to choose the bin colors. Natalia, the three year old, was in charge of the little stickers that we put on each book to label them. Rosa, the almost one year old was in charge of keeping the stickers out of her mouth. (Ok, actually, I was in charge of that part.)

The green sticker is for all of the board books - both on the bin and on the top of each book. The yellow sticker with the letter C in it is for each of the chapter books.

The library books obviously don't have any home stickers, just the library bar code.

Spanish is just a yellow sticker and Disney is a pink sticker with the letter D written on the sticker.

Here is one of our shelves. The large books go on the sides and most of the books out of the bins are parent books.

With the color coding and the stickers, even Natalia, my three year old, can put all of the books away in the correct spot. The labels are facing out (just like stores put cereal facing out, not by the spine) to make the books more attractive. The whole project of organizing 15 bins didn't take more than 2 hours and left me feeling quite accomplished! I'm thrilled to have an organized library again after moving houses a few months ago.

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  1. WOW! I love that your home library is set up like this! My classroom library is set up in this way. I used Beth Newingham's website to help me organize!