Friday, June 8, 2012

Imaginative Story Outline

Here is the imaginative story outline I have been using this year with my students. Once students have finished with the template, they are ready to write their story!

I got the idea of using a template like this from our special education teacher at our school. He uses a similar outline his students every time they have a big piece of writing. He get just amazing results. Here is an example of a story that one of his 4th grade students wrote this year. This ESL child started the year barely able to write a sentence! Students write 5 paragraph essays and stories that are interesting and easy to read.

To use the template, you should first print it on regular paper and then use the enlarge feature of the copy machine. You can then enlarge the copy to 11 by 14 paper. This way the students have a lot of space to write in their ideas. Plus, the students enjoy having special large paper for their story outline!

Enjoy and feel free to share with anyone who you think could use this.

Imaginative Story Template

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