Friday, June 22, 2012

Your summer reading - getting that classroom library ready!

This year I am moving schools and grades. Instead of teaching 4th grade, I will be in a 2/3 blended classroom. One of the exciting things about a new grade level, is setting up the new classroom library.

What will just right books look like for this new group of students? Which books should I prioritize?

Here is how I am going about the project:

  1. Talk to students about what series books are their favorites. Why? Because I want to get my students hooked on reading. I remember as a child reading tons and tons of books by the same author. One year it would be one author, another year it would be someone new. I had my 4th graders tell me about what books they loved when they were in 3rd grade and chatted with some second and 3rd graders at my old school.
  2. Go to your local independent bookstore and ask for some suggestions. Why? Well, on top of supporting the local book store, the advice you can get there is priceless. While I'm at it, I of course buy a few books too!
  3. Look at best seller and award lists. Why? Well, if it is popular, it's because kids are reading them. Here is a list of some award winning children's books of 2012: Award Winning Books
  4. Read a bit every week. Why? It is much easier to recommend a book to students that you have actually read! 
  5. Talk to your local librarian. Why? Need I say that librarians are amazing and know things? I think not. (I guess I just did, but so be it!)

Of course you don't actually have to read every book that is in your classroom library! But, it helps to have read at least a chapter or two of each of the authors, if not one book by each of the major authors you have.

Enjoy your summer reading!

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