Friday, August 17, 2012

Homework rubric

Instead of grading homework, I am planning on using a rubric this year. Clearly, I'll look to see how students are doing with the homework, but grading it doesn't make than much sense. Some students do the homework with their parents, others don't get assistance at home.

Here is a copy of the rubric that I am thinking of starting the year with:

Homework rubric

ExceedsMeetsClose to meetDoes not meet
CompletionCompletes all required HW, plus does 3 sessions on and writes a 3 paragraph story.Completes all required HW to the best of your ability.Does not complete 1 page.Does not complete more than 1 page.
HeadingIncludes name, number and date page was finished.Includes name, number.Includes only name.Missing
NeatnessWriting is done to the best of your ability, is neat and paper is not wrinkled. Writing is mostly neat.Writing is a bit messy. Some words are hard to read.Writing is very messy. The papers are torn or all wrinkled.

I was going to print a copy of the rubric to the front page of the packet each week and so I can circle off how the student is doing. I think this is a nice balance between grading everything and just having it be credit/no credit.

On top of that, the students should be able to circle in pencil what they think their grade should be, and I can go over with with a highlighter. This gives students a chance to reflect on their grade and take more ownership over the process! 

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