Friday, August 31, 2012

Using the Olympics to teach procedures

Around the first week of school is that time when you will be practicing procedures.

Here are some ideas on how to make practicing procedures FUN!

  • Olympic Visualization! Since the Olympics have just finished up, you can let students know that most great athletes practice or visualize their routines in their mind. And they sometimes go through their motions with gestures to help them visualize. So, instead of asking students to take out their pencils and put them away, chance it up and visualize and gesture doing to activity. Why? Beyond the fun factor, it will be faster and help the actual procedure move faster. 
  •  Olympic Commentary! As the students walk through the procedure, give corrective feedback on what they are doing correctly and what they can improve. Table 3 has the chairs pushed in and are walking to the line. Oh no, table 1 is forgetting to push in their chairs. I wonder if they will remember. . .
  •  Olympic clock competition! This is a favorite activity that you can use throughout the year. Get out your timer and, once the students know how to do the procedure correctly and slowly, have them work on beating their time. You can even keep a score board on your whiteboard for their best times. Make it a game to improve.
  • Olympic Judging! Students love this one. You choose one student who has two award slips (whatever your school uses). As the class does the procedure they look for a boy and a girl that did a good job to give a compliment. Make sure to talk about not giving a compliment to your friend.

Remember, practice the procedures now so you can have fun for the rest of the year.

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