Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whole Brain Teaching - Stop Back Talk!

I wanted to share an inspirational post on how to stop backtalk. This is a recommendation from Whole Brain Teaching. If you don't know about this website, it is free and has really changed my teaching! I now spend more of my day teaching and having fun and less time disciplining.

Every week, one of my students signs up to be the student who is in charge of rules. This student rehearses the rules with students in the morning. It is quite the honor to have the rules job! Then, I follow these procedures.

Later I'll talk about how students earn their jobs. That is tied in with the universal homework program in my classroom!

"HOW TO STOP BACKTALK. Please forward this note to your of colleagues, post it on your Facebook page ... let's make America a BackTalk Free Zone.

Coach B says, "To stop student backtalk, teach your kids WBT's five classroom rules. (See, webcast 515 for details.) Rehearse the rules five times a day for two weeks until whenever you say a rule number, the kids instantly respond with the rule and the gesture.

Then, begin the rule cues. If a student speaks without raising her hand, you say "Two!" and the class responds VERY QUICKY "Raise your hand for permission to speak!" If they are very fast, give them a Smiley on the Scoreboard ... if they aren't quick enough, practice a bit until the speed of their response is like lightening.

After a week or so of that, introduce the Rule 5 cue. Explain the most common examples of backtalk you've heard in class. At the first opportunity of genuine backtalk say "Five!" ... the class immediately responds, "Keep your dear teacher happy!" Thus, instead of disrupting your class with backtalk, your student has created an opportunity to unite them behind your leadership!" Who will help teachers everywhere by posting this note on their Facebook page and emailing it to colleagues?"

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  1. Thank you Sacha for spreading the word about WBT! I can tell you that the backtalk stops with this method!

    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class