Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Common Core Math Standards for ALL my students

This year I have started implementing the Common Core math standards for all of my students. It has been quite the challenge! I have some special education students in my 3rd grade group who had yet to master all of the kindergarten standards. I only teach my 2nd graders math one day a week. (ther days they walk to math.)

For the first 6 months, I just taught the lessons as I was guided to teach them. I then used a free trial of to assess my students. (I am in no way related to the company, but do like their product). What I found is that my students were way behind. Actually, even my top TAG students were not meeting the common core.

My average student of color was over a full 1.5 years behind. Clearly, I was failing.

I now have much more targeted instruction. I have gone back to reteach the kindergarten math standards that close to half of my class had yet to master. One of my SPED students has made a full two years worth of gains, but is still very far behind.

I am clear with my students on exactly where they are and which math standards they have yet to meet. Time management, technology and the support of my building administrators have been key.

During silent reading time, I now teach a double dose math group to all 3rd graders that are behind in math, no matter what class they are normally in. I carefully plan out all of my prep times so I am prepared to teach such a wide range of students. I use technology to differentiate my teaching and reduce my grading load.

Of course, I still have a long way to go! My goal this year is that all of my 3rd grade students reach 100% mastery of 3rd grade common core and 20% mastery of 4th grade common core. My second grade students have a similar goal for their grade level. (I teach a blended classroom.) My only exception is that students who are more than 2 years behind have a different goal. Their goal is to increase their proficiency by 2 years during this school year.

Eight out of ten 3rd graders have met their goals.
Nine out of fourteen 2nd graders have met their goals.

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