Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Managing Pencils

I am sure that if you know about pencils. Somehow, it seems like they dissapear faster than ice cream on a hot day! I don't know how, but it just happens that way!

How do you solve the amazing disappearing pencil challenge?

I just read a great post from The Ladybug's Teacher Files on her Great Pencil Challenge! She  created a game where she numbers the pencils  with a permanent marker and challenges her students to keep the pencil for as long as possible. Can they make a week? She has pictures and more about the challenge at her blog. Sounds like fun!

I have also tried having students use pens. With older children, this works really well. I put a piece of masking tape on each pen (actually I had a student do that) and then wrote their number on the pen. This way it was clear which pen belonged to who. The students did really well with not loosing their pens. If they did loose a pen, they had to "buy" one with classroom points.

This year, I just have a bucket of non-sharpened and sharpened pencils. There are 5 or 6 hand pencil sharpeners I got from dollar tree. When a pencil is broke, they put it in the non-sharp bucket. When they need a new pencil, they grab from the sharpened basket. A few kids are always happy to keep the pencils sharp during recess or snack time.

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