Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Teaching Hot Tempered Children

You will find here links to the assignments you will need for this class.

For the Ebook called The Agreement Bridge, here is how to find it:
  1. Open 
  2. Sign up for a free membership
  3. Click on "Free Ebooks" and under that menu, choose "General"
  4. You will find the books organized by date, click on Name to sort the books alphabetically
  5. The Agreement Bridge will be on the first page 
  6. Download the Ebook The Agreement Bridge following the instructions
If you have any problems downloading the Ebook, please email and use the subject "HOL class help"

Here are some links to some articles on Anger Management and social emotional skills:

Sentence frames for tutoring time

Why have one teacher in the classroom, when I can have 4 or 5? I use students for tutoring all of the time! Students make great tutors, especially the students who are just at benchmark. They know what it is like to work hard to learn something, and benefit from teaching it to a peer.

Why don't I use my highest students as tutors? Too often, they can not break down what they have learned into steps. They don't gain as much from tutoring. They are less tolerant of the time it takes my strategic learners to learn and retain something new. I sometimes use my highest fliers, but not very often!

Now, too often students tell the other child what to do, but don't explain why or verify for understanding. So, now I am using sentence frames with tutoring. Feel free to use this format, or take the idea and make it your own!

If you use the sentence frames, as a thank you to me, please share this site with some teachers who might enjoy it!


Sentence Frames For Tutoring Time

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