Saturday, February 1, 2014

Renewing Ourselves

  • What do you listen to on your way to school?
  • Do you listen to the radio, the news or a book on CD? 
  • How do you get ready for the day?

I now have a "driving" playlist. I have about a 20 minute commute to school on a good day. (Let's not mention the other days, when it can get up to 40 minutes. . .)

Before the playlist, I was listening to NPR or some other news station. While slightly educational, it wasn't exactly uplifting. On top of that, the information was pretty similar to the newspaper headlines. I didn't find myself feeling excited to face the day after listening to the news.

So now I have a driving playlist. The music in that playlist is inspirational to me. The songs that work for me probably wouldn't work for you . . . but the idea might.

As I listen and sing along, I feel calm. I am ready to face the challenge of the day head on. I remember that my job is planting seeds that I may or may not see bloom this year. I remind myself that each day is about connecting to each child in my classroom.

I feel renewed and ready to coach, lead and change lives.

Curious about what I have on my playlist? Here are some of the songs. They range from gospel to Indie.
  • Power of Two - Indigo Girls
  • Gardener - Rebecca Riots
  • Sing to the Angles - Rebecca Riots
  • He Watches Out For You and Me - Dixie Hummingbirds
  • So Glad I'm Here - Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • Tu Guardian - Juanes
  • How Can I Keep From Singing - Ike Ndolo
  • Make Me an Instrument of your Peace - Lori True