Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thoughts Vs. Comments: Classroom Management

 I have, over the years, done a lot of talking with my students about thoughts versus words. Students are going to have thoughts that are not appropriate to say out loud in the classroom. I let them know, it is ok to have just about any thought in your head. It is not ok to say whatever is on your mind at any time.

  • Is it ok to think that you don't like the assignment? Yes! I don't like everything I have to do either.
  • Is it ok to shout out in class that you don't like the assignment? No. But, if this is an ongoing problem you can talk privately with me.

I teach my students to say, "May I talk with you please?" in private if they have a concern they want to share. This phrasing lets me know that I really need to listen, and that the student is going to disagree with me. We roll play how to do this in a respectful manner.

This proactive approach to negative comments prevents a lot of classroom management problems. By explicitly teaching what is ok and is not ok in the classroom, students are set up to be successful!

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