Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Days of School: The Three C's of Class - Yes

It is that time to be getting ready for the school year! How are you going to get everyone's attention in school? Does your grade level or school have an expected routine?

No matter what the routine, you can still use the Three C's of Class.

The first C - Get the attention of your CLASS.

  • Class - Yes (check for more information)
  • May I have your attention please?
  • Hold up the peace sign
  • Count back from 5
  • Turn off the lights
  • Ring a bell 
  • A special hand clap
While I prefer the class - yes version (it is very fast and has tons of variations) any method that you are consistent with will work.

The second C - COMPLIMENT
  • Thank you ____ for looking at me.
  • I see _____ has their hands free.
  • Thank you table group ____ for having your hands free and eyes on me.
  • ___ is quietly waiting for instructions.
You only need to give one or two compliments. Try to vary who gets the compliment each time. 

The third C - CORRECT
  • If you need to, offer a quick, one sentence correction.
  • Table group ___, I need everyone's eyes on me.
  • ______, you need to have your hands free.
You may or may not need to correct. Obviously, don't correct the same child or group of children every time. 

Bonus C - Be CONSCIOUS of your patterns. 
  • Are you more likely to correct girls or boys who slide on the instructions? 
  • Are you more likely to correct white students or students of color? 
  • Try to be as equitable with your corrections as with your compliments.