Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sentence Frames for Partner Reading

I love partner reading! It can be challenging to keep both students engaged at the same time. Too often one child is reading and the other child is tuning out.

Then I had an Ahh! moment. Why not make the child who is listening point to the words and the child who is reading NOT point to the words. Suddenly, I can see across the room who is engaged and who needs a quick check in with me!

Now, partner reading is one of my favorite activities. Here are the sentence frames I have my students use. They use them when filling out a bibliography page and taking notes during partner reading. It also includes the sentence frames and instructions for partner reading time.

Feel free to make copies. I have a file with 30 - 40 copies of this in my room. The students know how to find the file, take out the sheet they need, and return it to the correct place. Not only are they engaged during partner reading, they are learning to be organized. This is a skill that they will use their entire life!

If you do use this in your classroom, please share this site with some other teacher's as a thank you to me. Feel free to copy, change and make these sentence frames work for you!


Sentence Frames For Partner Reading

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